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Are you ready to make a profound difference, commit to the safety of your community, and become part of a family of true heroes? The South Williamsport Fire Department seeks individuals with the spirit to serve and the desire to contribute to a mission that goes beyond the individual. Choosing to join us marks a significant commitment to public safety, learning valuable skills, and creating enduring connections within our community.

No experience is necessary—just a willingness to learn and a solid commitment to the principles of bravery, integrity, and respect. We provide extensive training to prepare you with the skills necessary to thrive as a firefighter, emergency medical responder, or support staff. Beyond the immediate demands of emergency situations, this is your opportunity to make a meaningful, positive difference in the safety and well-being of our residents.

Take the first step on this honorable path by applying to join our respected ranks today. Stand with us, and become a vital beacon of hope and protection for those we pledge to serve.


Discover Your Role: South Williamsport Fire Department Membership Opportunities

The South Williamsport Fire Department is a stronghold of commitment and service within our community, and there’s a role for everyone in our team. Offering diverse membership options, we invite all who are eager to make a difference to join our mission. Whether you’re called to action on the front lines or excel in essential support roles, your dedication is crucial. Choose the path that best suits your abilities and begin your journey as a volunteer with us today!


Firefighters tackle emergencies head-on, extinguishing flames, conducting rescues, and safeguarding communities. Their tasks are diverse and essential in preserving public safety during crises.


As dual-role professionals, Firefighter/EMTs are versatile. They tackle fires, participate in rescues, and respond to medical emergencies, ensuring a comprehensive safety net for the community.


Driver/Operators play a key role, ensuring the rapid and secure transportation of emergency equipment. Their responsibility extends to maintaining vehicle readiness and operational efficiency, with a position open to those 21 years and older.


EMTs are crucial, offering lifesaving medical care during critical moments. From responding to accidents to providing medical aid and support at community events, their skills are indispensable in safeguarding community health and well-being.


Administrative Support ensures efficient backend operations. Their tasks, from data entry to documentation, are pivotal, guaranteeing that every incident is well-documented and managed.

Fire Police

Fire Police prioritize safety at emergency scenes and events. Their role ensures both the protection of emergency crews and the security of the general public during operations.

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