South Williamsport

Thank You for Your Interest

Thank you for stepping up to the plate and expressing your interest in joining the South Williamsport Fire Department! Just like a batter awaiting the perfect pitch, we’re excited about the prospect of you becoming part of our team.

Your application is now on deck, and we’ll be reviewing it closely. Soon, you might be donning not just a baseball cap, but a firefighter’s helmet, standing side by side with our dedicated crew, ready to serve our community.

While we’re going over your application, feel free to take a leisurely stroll around our social media bases to get a better feel for our team dynamics and the community spirit we uphold:

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Thank you for wanting to be part of our lineup. We’re all about teamwork, both on the baseball diamond and in the heart of South Williamsport. We’ll be in touch soon with the next steps.

Play ball and stay safe,

The South Williamsport Fire Department Recruitment Team