South Williamsport

Department Apparatus

Modern Heroes, Modern Tools: The Fleet of South Williamsport Fire Department

Rescue 5

2006 E-One

Rescue 5 Specifications:

  • 8,000-pound bumper winch for heavy-duty rescue operations
  • 5 pack ready seats for team deployment
  • One spare pack available for the driver
  • 750 GPM pump for effective firefighting
  • 500 ft of 5-inch supply line to ensure ample water delivery
  • Quantity 2: 200 ft 1 3/4 inch attack lines for rapid response
  • 400 ft of 3-inch hose for versatile firefighting and water supply

Specialized Equipment:

  • Cascade system for air management
  • Light tower for illumination at night or in low-visibility conditions
  • Low PSI Hurst system for extrication operations
  • E-draulic equipment including a 32 A spreader, ram, and O cutters for rescue operations
  • Rope and water rescue equipment for complex rescue scenarios
  • QRS (Quick Response Service) certified for medical emergencies
  • SCOTT RIT (Rapid Intervention Team) PACK for firefighter rescue

Additional Resources:

  • Ladders: 28 ft, 24 ft, 16 ft roof, and attic ladders for access and ventilation
  • 4 spare SCBA (Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus) cylinders for extended operations
  • Quantity 2: 100 ft electrical reels for power supply
  • Quantity 1: 100 ft low psi air reel for pneumatic tools
  • Para tech air bag system for lifting heavy objects during rescue operations

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