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Midway Statistics from the Chief’s Office

Halfway thru the year status report for South Williamsport Fire Department.
From January 1 to June 30, South Williamsport Volunteers have responded to 374 dispatched calls.
104 Medical Emergencies
98 Misc Type Incidents
57 Assisting the Public
33 Fire Alarms
32 Motor Vehicle Accidents
20 Electrical Hazards
11 Fires
8 Gas Leaks
6 Carbon Monoxide Incidents
2 Brush Fires
2 Land Searches
1 Vehicle Fire
Top 10 Call Runners
1. Chief Trammell
2. FF Adam Moser
3. FF Ely Warriner
4. FF Michael Myers
5. FF/EMT TJ Gilbert
6. Lieutenant Jake Bailey
7. Captain Torey Packard
8. FF Alyssa Trammell
9. FF Ernie Freas
10. FF Aaron McLaughlin
Average manpower per call: 3
These numbers only reflect the volunteer side of the department.